Your vehicle's tires play a very important role in keeping you driving safely down the road. You need tires that have good tread on them. If they're not properly inflated, you could have a flat tire or a blowout. While many new vehicles are equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system. However, this system tells you if your tires are improperly inflated, but it does not tell you when the tires have little tread and need replacing. You can bring your vehicle to Mathews Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM in Mount Vernon, OH and let the professionals in our service center inspect your tires, or you can check the tread yourself. The most popular way of checking tire tread is with the penny test. Here's how it works.

You don't need any high-tech tools or even a lot of knowledge of automotive technology. All you need is a good old fashioned penny. Hold a penny upside down or with the former President's head facing down. Put the coin into the tread. Once you've placed it there, take a peek to see how much of Lincoln you can see on the coin. If the tires are good, Lincoln's head will not be seen. If you can see it, you don't have a lot of tread left on the tire and should consider replacing the tire. Check several tire sections because if a tire is wearing unevenly, it may have more tread on one area than in another area.

When purchasing new tires, experts recommend that Newark, OH and Delaware, OH customers replace all four tires at once. Some drivers find it financially difficult to buy four new tires at once, especially if they're large tires. At the very least, you should replace two tires at one time, and make them either for the front or the rear of the vehicle. Be sure to have the tires balanced when you have them installed.

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