Buying a used car seems like the right plan to follow when a preferred make and model appears on an inventory. If the price is right, a buyer might move on to making an offer. Some Newark and Westerville shoppers could worry about their credit history, though. At Mathews Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Mount Vernon, we want to be inclusive and help those with credit woes.

Don't Let Credit Troubles Get in the Way

People run into credit troubles for many reasons. Credit scores may suffer when a Delaware resident experiences a job loss or has to max out credit cards to cover unavoidable expenses. Although a credit report might not be perfect, a low score doesn't necessarily mean financing a used car isn't an option.

Let Our Team Review the Credit Report

Our sales and financing team members could review an applicant's qualifications. They will work with customers to address credit issues when seeking approval on a used car loan. Would-be used car buyers in Columbus, OH shouldn't think they are the only persons with credit issues. Our dealership has helped buyers with credit issues receive approval on financing before. We want everyone to know we don't automatically turn away someone dealing with a troubled credit report.

The Trade-In Option

Do you want to trade in an older vehicle? Trade-in deals work like a down payment, as the older car covers a portion of the used car sale. Since a trade-in lowers the balance on the used car's price, less financing becomes necessary. A lower loan amount may work in a bad credit borrower's favor.

Check Our Inventory for Inspiration

Please look over our Mount Vernon, OH inventory of used cars, trucks, and SUVs. Maybe there's a popular vehicle that might motivate you to give us a call.

Do you have any questions about loans? Are you interested in taking a test drive? Call our office for answers and more information.