If you drive a truck around the Newark, Delaware, and Westerville, OH areas, you're probably not earning the best gas mileage. Trucks are designed for towing, hauling, and all sorts of other utility, rather than everyday commuting. And though the auto industry has finally begun to roll out all-electric trucks, the typical Ram 1500 and other models, as well as the kinds of used pickups we have for sale here near Columbus, won't earn high-end fuel economy to make enough sense for your daily commutes. That said, there are still ways to improve your fuel economy in your truck, and our Mount Vernon, OH Ram dealership's experts can help you out with guidance and advice.

You've seen how high gas prices can rise at times, and even if your focus is on rugged off-roading or high-end trailering and hauling in your truck, you'll definitely want to spend less on fuel. First of all, if you're in the market for your next truck, consider a diesel setup. While diesel typically costs more than the usual fuel you'd use for a pickup, those engines are typically more efficient. But even with a traditional gas-powered truck, you'll have options to improve your gas mileage based on how you drive, how you maintain your vehicle, and other factors.

If you're out on the highways between Columbus and Newark and Delaware for long hauls, using cruise control can improve your fuel economy, as changing speeds can impact your fuel usage. Lightening your load as much as possible, perhaps with passengers you don't really need joining you for a haul or other items that can be left behind, will also help. And as it goes for any type of vehicle, avoid idling your truck, even for short spells. Finally, sticking with your specific Ram or other truck's maintenance schedule and using lighter viscosity motor oil will help you get the most out of the already limited fuel efficiency with your pickup.

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