Does buying a Ram pickup truck mean you have to settle for subpar fuel economy? Well… that depends on what you know. And if you didn’t know there are ways to improve the gas mileage for your Ram truck, you may want to read ahead. We’ve got five tips to improve the fuel economy for your Ram 1500 in Mount Vernon, OH.

First Tip: Tune Ups

Tune-ups and oil changes help preserve the life of your Ram. When your Ram is well-oiled and conditioned, there will be less strain on your engine and fuel components. In turn, you’ll have better gas mileage in Newark and Delaware, OH.

Second Tip: E3 Spark Plugs

This minor switch can significantly impact your fuel efficiency. With the addition of E3 spark plugs, you’ll improve gas mileage—but that’s not all. You’ll also see a boost in power and a reduction in emissions.

Third Tip: Change Your Exhaust

Changing your exhaust will decrease the amount of back pressure in Columbus, OH. A Flo-Master cat-back dual exhaust system is just one option. And when used in conjunction with the free-flowing air filter, you’ll get more gas for your money.

Fourth Tip: Replace Air Filter

The Ram comes with a more restrictive stock air filter. With a free-flowing air filter, you won’t need as much gas to reach a full tank in Westerville, OH.

Fifth Tip: Air Pressure and Fuel Cap

Tire pressure can adversely affect your fuel economy. Maintaining the correct air pressure will help your vehicle achieve maximum fuel efficiency. Also, be sure to inspect your gas cap after each refuel. If your cap isn’t on securely, your fuel economy will be impacted.

Improving Your Ram’s Fuel Economy

These tips are good for any Ram model or trim. Just because you have a Ram pickup doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice efficiency. By combining any, or all of the tips above, you can improve your fuel economy. And that can make a big difference in your bank account.

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